Syntrus Achmea introduces ADMF with two subfunds


Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance has introduced the Achmea Dutch Mortgages Fund (ADMF) with two new subfunds. This creates the opportunity for institutional investors in Dutch residential mortgages to differentiate their mortgage portfolio on the basis of risk/return profiles.

The Non-NHG/High LTV sub-fund invests in mortgages with a high loan to value (LTV ≥80% at origination) and the NHG/Low LTV sub-fund invests in mortgages with NHG or a low LTV (LTV < 80% at origination). ).

The Achmea Dutch Mortgage Fund enables institutional investors to invest in Dutch residential mortgages based on their own wishes and market insights. Ido Esman, senior manager Investment Management Mortgages: “Mortgages are an attractive asset class for institutional investors and there is a need for more differentiation and risk diversification. With the introduction of the two ADMF sub-funds, our mortgage range will be expanded considerably and Syntrus Achmea will offer investors an even more complete and flexible range of solutions.”
The fund has started and the first mortgage offers have been issued. The ADMF invests via the Achmea Mortgages Investment Platform (AMIP), a unique platform that offers flexibility, liquidity and quick entry options to institutional investors.

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