Achmea Dutch Mortgage Fund

With the Achmea Mortgages Investment Platform you can invest in Dutch residential mortgages, provided to consumers through the well-known and trusted mortgage brand Centraal Beheer. Achmea Bank and Achmea Pensioen en Leven, both part of Achmea, participate in this state-of-the-art platform.
The Achmea Dutch Mortgage Fund offers institutional investors a fund solution with the option to select from two subfunds: an NHG/Low LTV subfund and a Non-NHG/High LTV subfund. This allows you, as an investor, to choose the desired risk/return profile and still benefit from the advantages of a fund solution.

Subfund NHG/Low LTV

The NHG/Low LTV sub-fund invests in mortgages with an NHG guarantee or with a low LTV (≤80% at origination).

Subfund Non-NHG/High LTV

The Non-NHG/High LTV sub-fund invests in mortgages with a high LTV (>80% at origination), without NHG guarantee.



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Business Development Manager

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