Syntrus Achmea may invest another three billion euros for Attens Hypotheken


Attens Hypotheken has been provided since 2015 by Attens Hypotheken BV, a subsidiary of Syntrus Achmea. The label was developed with the cooperation of PGGM&CO, the member organization of the pension administration organization PGGM. The mortgages have special features that bring a home of their own for participants of Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW) a lot closer.

“We have noticed in recent years that Attens Hypotheken meets a great need among the participants in our pension fund,” says Jan Willem van Oostveen, head of investments at PFZW. “Their options in a tight housing market are expanded with this mortgage type. In addition, the risk-return profile of mortgage investments is attractive to PFZW and we are satisfied with the services provided by Syntrus Achmea. That is why we have extended the existing mandate to six billion euros.”

What is special about Attens Hypotheken is that an irregular hours allowance and income from temporary and zero-hour contracts can be taken into account when calculating the maximum borrowing capacity. In addition, parents of 'starters' can also sign for the loan and homeowners receive an interest discount if they take energy-saving measures.

“We are grateful to Attens Hypotheken for the confidence in our services,” says Bruno Oudega, Director of Mortgages at Syntrus Achmea. “We are proud that in recent years we have helped so many people in the care and welfare sector to buy their own home, while at the same time ensuring an appropriate return for all participants in the fund. We are ready to continue to do so in the years to come.”