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With the Achmea Mortgages Investment Platform you can invest in your own portfolio of Dutch residential mortgages, provided to consumers via the well-known and trusted brand Centraal Beheer.

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  • Is my choice limited to fixed risk/return profiles?

    You compose your own mortgage portfolio yourself based on the risk/return profile you prefer. To determine your optimal investment mix, you can choose from 12 investment buckets.
  • Can I adjust my minimum spread periodically?

    You can adjust your minimum spread every two weeks. This offers you the opportunity to stay connected with the risk/return profile you have chosen.
  • Is investing only possible if you have your own entity?

    If you do not have your own entity, you can also participate as a participant via an FGR structure.
  • Can I securitize my portfolio?

    We offer the option of securitizing your own portfolio and transferring (part of) the portfolio to other investors. This offers you a high degree of liquidity.
  • Does Achmea also participate in this investing platform itself?

    Achmea Bank and Achmea Pensioen en Leven invest in Dutch Mortgages through the Achmea Mortgages Investment Platform. This gives the investment platform a healthy and solid foundation. On an annual basis, Achmea provides more than € 5 billion in mortgages in the Dutch market. This scale offers you as an investor advantages such as years of expertise, a proven track record and a large network of intermediaries.

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Interested in a tailor-made separate account mortgages? Our specialists are happy to tell you more about the Achmea Mortgages Investment Platform.

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